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Saima Khan – sexy punjabi mujra – deep cleavage – Til tere mukhre da

Another great performance by Saima Khan – performed on song “Til tere mukhre da”.

Saima Khan stage dancer
Saima Khan – desi mujra – Til tere mukhre da

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Who is this hottie? dance on song: Sayio ni mera mahi

Does someone know who this hottie is? I would very much aprecheate if someone could tell me her name? or maybe give me links to more videos of her…

Hottie nice dance - sweet mujra
Unknown Hottie shows nice and hot sexy mujra dance – song: Sayio ni mera mahi
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Ho gaye Teri Dildar ve kar le pyar – Khusboo mujra

Khushboo is a fantastic and energetic dancer among many other mujra dancers from Pakistan, some of the most popular are Saima Khan, Nadia Chaudhry, Nargis and her sister Deedar. Here is a video of Khushboo, see for yourself and see what you think.

Khushboo - Ho gaye TeriĀ Dildar
Ho gaye Teri Dildar ve kar le pyar – Khushboo mujra video
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Punjabi mujra and desi mujra

See fantastic desi mujras at desi mujra
See punjabi mujra at desi mujra

Saima Khan mujra videos

Saima Khan mujra